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Meet the Board

Eddie Tobal

Eddie Tobal


Eddie brings many great qualities to the World Organization for Positive Action as he is a dedicated worker and a great influence on the Pompton Lakes Community. Eddie holds a Bachelors degree from Montclair State University in Business Administration. He works as a full time social worker, volunteers as an ordained minister, serves as a basketball coach, and is a family man.  Throughout Eddie's career as a social worker for over ten years in the State of New Jersey he has had the honor of assisting the elderly and needy by helping them with medical assistance, food stamps, and shelter. As an ordained volunteer minister for Positive Action Ministry Eddie has many duties; Eddie presides over weddings and funerals, counsels' people, preaches the gospel, and manages the church operations. On the side he has also been a private investor in Real Estate since 1992. It's not all work though, Eddie also enjoys reading and spending time with his family by playing dominos, basketball, and watching movies.

Abel Jimenez

Abel Jimenez

Senior Executive Vice President

Abel is a Human Service Specialist for Passaic County and for many years has also served as a substance abuse counselor. Abel holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Rutgers University, as well as an Associate’s Degree in addiction which allows him to help out in the community in many ways. A highly devoted father to his growing family, Abel has always been regarded as a person who brings charisma, dedication, and motivation to the World Organization for Positive Action. One of the founding members, Abel has directed and participated in some of the largest relief efforts performed by WOPA. He also helps direct and coordinates all annual Tricky Tray fundraisers and has recruited many of the current WOPA members. Abel is a part of Positive Action Ministry and attributes all of his success to the grace of God and his wife of many years.

Alex Lindgren

Finance Director


Alex has a bachelors degree in Philosophy from Wilkes University. He has worked with web technologies for over 15 years and is the Director of Technology at Flightpath, a digital agency in New York City. He enjoys traveling with his wife and daughter. With WOPA, Alex has traveled to Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Peru.

Ivonne Mayorga Lindgren

Executive Secretary

Ivonne is from Nicaragua where she studied to be an Executive Secretary at Instituto Técnico para la Administración y Economía (INTAE) and worked at the front desk of the Hotel con Corazon. She enjoys traveling with her husband daughter, and son.

Rafael A. Tobal

Rafael A. Tobal

Executive VP

Rafael has a Bachelors Degree in International Business from Montclair State University. He currently works for the State of New Jersey as a Criminal Investigator with the Public Defender Office in Passaic County. Rafael has been a member of WOPA since it was founded in 2006 and feels great about what he can do for his home country. Rafael was born in the Dominican Republic in a poor neighborhood and therefore is able to relate to the cause through personal experience. He is an extremely hard and dedicated worker and put himself through college while working a full time job. When Rafael isn't working he enjoys playing dominos with his family, attending Positive Action Ministry and working out. He is married and has two boys and a wonderful stepdaughter.

Yesenia "Jessi" Tobal

Public Relations Director

Jessi has a bachelors degree in Medical Technology from Rutgers University. She currently works full time as a technical support specialist for Bio-Rad Laboratories in Parsippany, NJ.  When she's not hard at work she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, attending service at Positive Acton Ministry, traveling, Zumba, and watching the NY Mets. She has been married for almost 25 years and has 2 boys Brandon age 23 and Jonathan age 20.  Jessi's dream is to be able to touch the lives of thousands of people by working with WOPA.

Deanna Ishikawa

Director of Membership

Deanna has been a member of WOPA for six years and has served as the Executive Secretary as well as the Fundraiser Director. Deanna has a Bachelor’s Degree from Florida State University and has worked in the web industry for 10 years. She has experience managing digital campaigns including web sites, email campaigns, iOS/Android apps and producing HTML/CSS. Deanna is the Director of Customer Relationships at High 5 Games in New York City. Most of all Deanna enjoys spending time with her husband and sons.

Brandon Tobal


Brandon Tobal is freshly graduated from Kean University and will be working as a math teacher in a Moonachie middle school.  Brandon will continue striving to be a math PhD and teach in an university . As a teacher he understands the importance of education and its impact to family, communities and even countries. In WOPA he manages the website and gives advice as an educator on the best ways to make sure children in third world countries are getting better and useful education.

Katherine Suero

Assistant Finance Director

Katherine Suero is a full time student at Berkeley  college planning to graduate in May 2018. This imaginative young web developer has been a member of WOPA since 2009. Katherine Suero is an assistant of the finance director. She enjoys being part of this organization with the specific purpose of helping needy people around the globe.

Jonathan Tobal

Director of Youth Affairs

Jonathan is currently a strait A student college junior at William Paterson University on a full academic scholarship.   Jon is becoming an actuator and will incorporate his future with WOPA no matter what. Jon excels at basketball, softball and anything else he sets his mind too. In his spare time he enjoys being with family and friends, exercising, and playing video games. Jon has participated in reliefs in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, and The United States. 

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