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New WOPA website

New WOPA site

We are pleased to launch the newly redesigned WOPA website. The new website has been designed to better communicate our mission and vision, and inform our members, donors and potential supporters about what we are doing.

Some of the improvements over the previous website include a new 'About WOPA' section with details about us and how we operate. We have also revamped the 'News & Events' section and created a 'Project' section that contains more details about the work WOPA does. Along with the launch of the new website, we have recently started a new mailing list for our email newsletter. If you wish to keep up with the latest WOPA news and events, please subscribe to our newsletter.

The site also has new online donation and membership signup forms. In addition, there is a new Account system in which members and supporters can signup for a WOPA website account to manage their membership and donations. The site is secure -- we use SSL for all pages to ensure your information is securely transmitted and we never store your credit card information in our databases. For more information on  WOPA website accounts, see the online account help page.

We hope you like the new site! We will continue to refine and update the site so please send us your feedback!

About the author

Alex Lindgren is the Director of Technology at Flightpath in New York and is the Executive Vice President of the WOPA.

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